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Ghosts of lovers past quite likely, thanks to Venus-Pluto-North Node at play. Even as Venus retrogrades towards a little vacation in Libra, this weekend is a magical little nadir in the Venus In Exile period. All of those Venusian revisions you’ve been working on are close at hand and heart. Astrology is the art and science of interpreting astronomical phenomena to reveal how it reflects the process of evolution. There are, certainly, other valid definitions of it, but this is the definition I use as a guideline in all my work.

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As I was checking out my Zenith and Nadir which are points that the Prime Vertical runs through, I noticed some bright stars that are on my Prime Vertical. A heavenly body is in or on the prime vertical when it bears true east or true west—when it is at right angles to the meridian. May 06, 2021 · My sister, who was born in 62 during the Aquarius stellium, has 4 Aquarius planets (Saturn, Mercury, Mars & Sun) as a big clusterfuck right on her Nadir. Saturn crossed the Nadir, hitting her natal Saturn (yes, her 2nd Saturn return) and began the journey across her Mercury, then Mars, where it will station.

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Dec 08, 2017 · We are probably close to the same age. My NN is 8 degrees Sagittarius conjunct Neptune at 10 degrees, which is in mutual reception with my Jupiter in Pisces. My Part of Fortune is 8 degrees Gemini conjunct my South Node. I feel this is an interesting opposition, because we’re supposed to leave the SN behind, yet it brings me luck. The fourth house is your foundation and anchor in life. It's at the very bottom of the horoscope, and the cusp of the fourth house is the critical Nadir, one of the four important angles of the horoscope. An Angular house, its ruling planet is the Moon, and its ruling sign is Cancer.

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astrology meaning: 1. the study of the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars in the belief that…. Learn more. North Node in Scorpio is your life purpose and soul mission, according to karmic astrology. Scorpio symbolizes the EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, ATTITUDES and ENERGY to adopt throughout your life. Karmic astrology is a spiritual approach to astrology. I've created THREE STEPS to living your life purpose, outlined below.